washed out to sea

Today I am Alcyone, daughter of Aeolus, god of the winds.

Today my husband Ceyx leaves for the sea, he cannot be bound by the land but he will not allow the bond of his love to keep him here. He must heed to my warning, my father’s winds are wild and savage; I fear he will not come home.

I will die here on this rock without Ceyx. If his body washes ashore, I am alone. The winds are no consulation in their primative ways.

He will not listen to me. He will not listen to one who knows the fate that he sails away to. He says I must wait, as others. How can one wait for death to come home? It is no good, no good that I should be here and he elsewhere or nowhere.

Today I am Alcyone….and maybe Myrrha. Tomorrow, Helena.


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