Rehearsal Poetry.

Sometimes I think about changing everything in my life, everything about myself.
Change what I wear, change what I like, how I talk, what I do.
Sometimes I think about change.
Change my hair color, the car I drive, my job, bank accounts, change majors, change planes, change cloths, exchange, changeable, changeling.
Sometimes I think about change. Change direction, change lives.

Would the change bring ease?
Would the change bring contentment?
Maybe I’m already changing? Always changing?
Changing into ugliness, nothingness.
Changing. Digressing. Regressing.

Is change bad? All bad?


One thought on “Rehearsal Poetry.

  1. I’ve always condemned change. The angels and devils you know how to handle are far more reassuring company over the strangely unnerving Eastern loss of aspects of self through change. The context of who & what we are is the strength and center from which we operate.

    And yet the fact is you have changed, and are changing, so it stands to reason that you contemplate the nature of change. You’ve gone from schoolgirl to working lady, student to artist, single to engaged, IL to TX, sharp dress into baggy sweatshirts, safe part to risque bangs, and you’ve picked it all yourself. The prerogative to change is yours. But do it with slow consideration. Play out the possibilities, weigh the least loss, calculate the most gain, level head before incautious heart.

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