My life seems to be at a point of preparation, transition, application, contemplation…and adaptation, full of frustration and agitation.
Sometimes I’m not sure if I’m looking ahead or over my shoulder. Am I picking myself up or throwing myself down again?
It seems there is a lot of dust to brush off, china to repair and skins to thicken.
I’m 27 and its easy to feel that I’ve let the world down or that the world has let me down.
My fire has been compressed into a steam that seems to billow into the sky with no direction but all the momentum to move above.
This dust is unnerving.


2 thoughts on “transition.

  1. The other day I bought an extended version of “Amadeus”, and while watching realized that if in my life if I’d been as accomplished as Mozart I’d already be dead five years ago. And if I were on Poe’s timetable I’d be dead in the next few months.

    But I’m not Mozart.
    I’m not Poe.
    I’m Guillermo.
    You’re Chelsea.

    And you are exactly where you’re supposed to be, right now, this instant, miraculous, substantial, complete.

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