I wish I could divide myself; split myself in three.
A part for he and he and he, but nothing left for me.
Perhaps I could portion my soul; break apart my heart?
But I long to share the whole, I could never offer part.

Is it impossible to share? Is it right kept for one?
I’m not sure I could be so exclusive, what’s over is almost done.
If this is how it is to be, I should be torn amongst the fold;
I’ll keep it for myself, my secrets all untold.

The truth is, love differs.
From stone to stone;
Each has its beauty, each, separate and alone.
I want to fill my cup, let it runneth o’er.
My love knows only richness, my heart cannot be poor.

The color of blue I call to you,
your share so soft and new.
Your eyes swell of green and blue,
Only kindness I see in you.
Your voice is gentle, your touch so warm;
For your blue, brings not but shields the storm.
Blue, I love you – indeed, its true.
I could not live Blue, not without you.

The color of red I call to him,
Blood red oceans together we swim.
The warmth is hot but does not burn
My blood it bubbles, my blood it churns.
Red you cackle, red you pierce,
My love for you is something,
our friendship fierce.

The color of gray I call to he,
For gray is the closest color to me.
You know the walls of the heart, the terrors of my soul;
You know me too well and for this, gray, you console.
Sometimes the mirror at which we glance,
may be the song to which we dance.
Gray, I know you and you know I;
My love for you is limitless as the sky.

So call me a glutton that I long for blue, red and gray.
Or perhaps call me lucky, I don’t care what you say.
My colors are rich and yours are few;
I don’t let the world paint my hue.


One thought on “3.

  1. Desire is a velvet abyss, and the heart is a bottomless container, never full, always hungry no matter how much you feed it. Love, and the want of love, is a terror. Fulfillment only comes when you peer into someone else’s heart and find that same unending pit, and to truly know that it’s the divine nature of our matching infinity that will be enough.

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