Just one of those days

Is it possible for people to disappear? For someone to want this? Want to be invisible, to leave it all behind, to remain only an illusion? I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately, perhaps because my 10 year high school reunion is approaching – an event that I am sure not to attend but alas causes me to reminisce. I should state that my high school experience was not typical in any way – I went to three different high school. My father was in the military and then family destruction finally sent me to Capital High School in Olympia, WA, the school I would eventually graduate from.

There was this guy…so many guys when you are the new girl, its overwhelming at the age of sixteen. I digress, this one guy I so distinctly remember. Every time I think of this person I’m always confused as to why he wanted to interact with me, why he was so interested. We were from totally different paths in lives, socio-economic demographics (which did matter at this high school), different interests, different…everything. He even had a girl friend but always showed some specific interest in me.

He was kind. I would never say that his reputation would allot for this, but to me, he was kind, when so many were not. There were occasions of teenage angst and strange rejection but for the most part, this boy was kind to me and made me feel special. There was an odd encounter that I vaguely remember…something that I believe ended our friendship before graduation. So much from my youth is a haze – no from any external substance but from the trauma that surrounded me at the time. However, I want to find this boy. Talk to him and see how he is. People touch out lives in strange, unexpected ways and I would love to relay that to him.

The strange thing is this – I cannot for the life of me, find this individual anywhere. In the world of Social Media and communication – I cannot find this person. Now…I have not asked anyone, people who may know. Perhaps I am afraid? What if something happened to him? I don’t know. Its odd.

No purpose to this post…just writing. And below…images…because its just one of those days.



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