Resolve me.

Inspired by a bright young being in my life…I’m taking her cue and sitting down to resolve.

After 2012 has come and gone, garnished with grad school auditions, car problems, packing up one’s life, moving from Texas to California, laughter, tears, sobs, hospital visits, tubes, dusty hills and coastal mountains, after all the early mornings, late nights, shedding pound after pound, what is left of me? Does it matter?

I was fortunate enough to have some time as the year came to a close to reflect, ponder and gain clarity – which is helpful moving forward. But I’m not so sure I want to tie myself down. Are these goals here to help me? Or make me feel guilty when they fall by the wayside of life year after year? Is it my job to improve 2013 or can this happen organically? Do I need to look in the mirror year after year and ask, “what needs improving?”

My goal is to not improve but to build upon.

To accept.

To forgive.

To speak out Louise.

To stop.



And be.

To relax a little more, stress a little less and to love.

Always to love.

I think that’s enough for me 2013.




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