You think because I’m locked in the closet that I won’t kick any harder.

That I won’t set the house on fire,

air your dirty laundry

and smash plates against garage door.


That I won’t tear at labels

and shatter pill bottles.

Do you think I’m so simple?

So docile and subservient.


You think you can bite me,

hold me under and batter me with bruises.

You wrangled the wrong woman.

You aren’t so bright to underestimate.

Your teeth marks were smarter than you.

and more attractive.


Early on, I saw.

The passenger window of your Ford never looked so clear

as we drove home from mirrored infinity.

A single red flag,

bright as daylight,


A warning lingering on your breath,

on a single phrase.

My thoughts turned for a moment,

I reasoned, I compromised.


All became clear as we slept side by side,

as you tried to coax your cock down my throat.

I still wish I would have left bite marks,

as dark as the purple which decorated my limbs.

Spending nights beneath hanging wardrobe,

trying not to smell your feet.

Making friends with the linoleum

and flushing your diagnosis.


You tried

to erase my ambition.

You tried, but…

I would choose a dull book to your short stack,

a cold tile floor to your clammy hands

and rug burning bruises to strapping on the iron apron.


I surprised you, didn’t I?

Left you astonished and shocked.

You didn’t see the fire within,

the dragon inside the damsel,

because you never saw me.

You were too busy looking at your own reflection

in the irises of my eyes.


Taste the fire on my breath

and the water of my womb.

I don’t think you were alive before you met me.


Go find your picket fence.

Go strangle another woman,

pump her full with your liquid cowardice.

Tie a collar ‘round her neck,

and drag her down the street.

Go find another wench to rub your feet

and place a pillow beneath your head.

Go find an empty vessel without a life,

Without dreams or aspirations.

Go find a lady to get in bed with your family,

To suck your fainting phallus,

and swallow little blue pills.

Go find yourself a servant,

because you do not want a woman.


You can change the locks

and sign the papers,

but you will still have to answer for your fists,

your teeth and your prick.


You will always be a monster in my memory,

a baby sucking on the teat of his mother for a lifetime.

You wrangled the wrong woman.

You laid a hand on the wrong warrior.


I’m glad it’s not my job to punish or scold,

I hope your shame and ego never let you forget

my smiling face as I signed on the dotted line.


No regrets.

The day you divorced the dragon

and I the blubbering baby.




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