In process…

I am the only daughter,

Positioned at the helm of this legacy.

I am a child of the Winter.

Forever spiraling inward,

Hibernating in the silent hush of snowfall.

I am sunlight caught in auburn tresses.

I am azure eyes forever tracing the horizon,

Looking, searching, discovering;

Blue to blue, tracing the wild mountains

And climbing barefoot in the snow.

I am the painted canvas of Cecilia Beaux, Sir Joshua Reynolds, Klimt, Sargent, van Eyck and Laszlo,

Skim primed for another century, born too late.

I am the pale, gothic lass hiding from the sun

But inviting the painted sunset.

I am water and earth.

I am the moon shining on the surface of the rushing river.

I am the wild horse in the valley

And the owl on the evergreen

I am the blood of the warrior and the bones of revolution.

I am Artemis, the heart of the lonely huntress;

I am the wilderness within the woman.

I am Persephone, medium, mystic and mistress of the dead,

seduced by the spirit of Lady Lazarus.

I am a lady and sometimes just, a girl.

If you catch me in the right spirit.

I am my father’s temper and my mother’s sensitivity.

I am my father’s passion and my mother’s humanity.

I am the purple velvet draped over my Aunt’s shoulders

And the blue of my brother’s eye.

I am the scar on my right knee

And the freckles facing the sunlight.

I am a woman standing beside a man,

Holding the hand of humility and happiness

Named husband.

I am a wife, a sister and a woman.

I am what you see before you today

And tomorrow I could be different.



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