This would be mine. Yes, this would be the sin of my undoing. The ability to curl into myself and never see beyond the lining of my shell. Hours in the comfort of rest, repose and reading. Hours away, hours alone. But I get up before the fog arrives. I step out before it rains, before the shell floods my lungs with the cold, cool, currant. Yes, I take one last breath for air. But this would still be mine.


Sloth Sloth4 Sloth5 Sloth6 Sloth7


One thought on “355.

  1. The infinite is within us. If we dive down, we can find that center from which we can then best frame the world. In the introspect, in the words, in the mantra of printed line & hierogram of leaves at the bottom of your seventh cup, we can read the divine in the font of our own hand.

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