350. Admitted Failure. Or Partial Failure.

Okay…so I tried this “writing-every-day-thing”, suggested to me by my amazing mentor at CalArts and I’ll admit…I’m failing. A bit. I mean…I guess technically I’m writing every day…emails, homework, notes, etc. But the goal is to engage in creative writing, of some sort, or rather keep my blog active. I even tried numbering the posts (see above – ha ha), hoping I would be more accountable to digits…but alas, grad school prevails. In all honesty, I feel I’m off to a good start, considering I’m in the heat of the last couple weeks of classes. There’s just too much to do and not enough time. Typical. However, I want to make time.

There’s also the question of cu ration. I’ve always wondered…what is this blog? Why am I writing it? Who am I writing it for? Mostly it’s been for me. Mostly poetry and the beginnings of my curiosity about creative writing or personal narrative. But perhaps being accountable to someone beyond myself would be a driving and successful motivator? Maybe it’s time to open up the audience a bit?

At any rate…this is my admitted failure, part 2. There’s been noticeable improvement…but I’m ready for total commitment.

I’m not going to NYC this summer (thank the gods), I’m only working part time…the plan is to read, read, read, write, write, write and CREATE.



One thought on “350. Admitted Failure. Or Partial Failure.

  1. My start up noise on my lappy’s Neil Gaiman saying, “And they don’t want to hear the thing that you can tell them, which is ‘Sit down and write’.” Honestly I’ve found this 365 thing you’ve attempted admirable. I really should try it myself. And I should be opening the lappy or journal way more often.

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