The Frosting on my Cake.

41d037c5a728364deb1b537867150848Pikes Place Market

ac56955e854466d583006e8de3039ba4Right now…this book. It’s actually three books in one but I am barreling through the entire thing, even in the midst of finals/juries. Of course the question is always, what’s next?

e08c0f37dfbe311ddc537882dbf81416This color.

e2b3013afdd859c80fe95706a0fd88eeSign language.

fda9f5bf91b8273982a10f5a00cb96f3Lip butter from The Body Shop. Makes my lips so soft…

89e633cde8d465a2eef5de95e90c24f8Candles and mason jars. Candles in mason jars.

062eee3064b1a337a4f7787a9c24da91Burlesque star Vicky Butterfly.

9b68868f097f15c1f6de8de936ad3d6aSpending all day in bed. Just because.

55e50b5d1da09439279ff341a3778e34The musical styling of Antony and the Johnsons.



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