Seeing red…

Just once I would like the bravery to drag along the smooth, porcelain surface. To feel chill slip into the heat of my bones and pollute my skin with dark, red waters. Just once I would like to flay my flesh like a butcher, watching the cells dissolve to marrow, pouring my tragedies onto the floor. Peeling back the poltergeist, peeling back the rugged, calloused skin…it has turned to leather and the leather has worn thin.

I would like to exhume my body of its sorrow, these heavy weights that fill my veins with lead and turn my bone to toxic dust.

What could be more beautiful than the crimson curtain closing on Cassandra? Who would be more willing to give up her ghost? To escape from the rape of savage men and torture of a thousand empty screams.

Just once is all it would take.

Just once I am a coward.


image image


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