Dirty Dishes

imageDo you wonder if you broke me? Never to be mended …

Do you think about the clumps of hair from my head? The beautiful bruises blushing my back … Do you think about my eyes welled with the muddy waters of a story? Spilling over onto my soft cheeks and staining satin sheets …

Do you remember that night as vividly as I? The violence of a nightmare wrapped in a dirty dish … Do you remember the sound of my voice, did you hear the echo of my cry when you closed the coffin?

Do you wonder if I cry for you? If these salty tears are tiny alters to your anger … Do you think about me when you hear music? Do you hear me from the kitchen playing your favorite tune, thundering the ivory with the songs of the sixties …

Do you remember my smile? As easily won, as easily forgotten …

Do you remember what you said to me? Your silence sounding silent screams from this flesh …

Do you see this tarnished tower? This woman crippled … shrouded by the shame of your sins … Do you blame yourself for what cowers before you? Do you punish yourself for your cowardice?

Do you bang your head against the wall? Do you drag the razor across your frail flesh? Do you feel the pain which polluted this vessel? Do you know your poured the pain from the palm of your hand? Do you see the anguish choking this cherub? Do you place yourself on the floor beside her? Do you keen for hours, wallowing from the well of pain burning at your belly? Do you feel the darkness growing thick? Do you shiver in the silence? Do you feel alone … perceive my loneliness?

Do you…?


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