Asleep with the Sun…

How do you say ‘goodnight’ to the Sun who lies beside you?

How do you capture his luminous laughter that smolders bright in the darkest corner?

His body radiates a tropical temperature in the frigid night, a humid heat in this cool cavern.

How do you draw close to his light, but not close enough to blister the pale, soft shell of skin?

How do you temper the tempo of his blazing breath?

The hands of the Sun burn and blister as they slide across the surface of your skin.

You melt. You move. You moan.


Like the sun, he rises –

Like the sun, he encircles you –

Like the sun, you trace his path –

He sets only to return again in beautiful splendor.

Like the sun, you cannot capture him –

Like the sun, you cannot hold him in your hands –

Like the sun, he chases the Moon…

And She chases him in return. ef9460f2410b725eff4b5167e21d40eb


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