5efa05071737523ed97ae7e0aab9d27aHer body would not lie to you.

You see not the truth before you,

her whispering certainty 

residing within the cavity of the marrow.


Her tempo answers to the breeze;

fast in fear,

slow in caution.

Her body is her own;

at once in softness,

at once in strength.


It is only when the orbs align

that her spirit flashes before you;

permission, fear and stillness

within her azure eyes.



She stands the fawn;

between grace

and gravity.

She stands the doe;

between the wild

and warped worlds.

She stands the stag;

between vitality, power

and hunted fragility.

She stands before you.

Some will gaze upon her,

some will follow her through fields and fauna,

some desire to wipe her memory from forest green.




She stands before you,

between fantasy

and folklore,

between dreams

and the day you turned away.



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