Between the sheets and sheep and the shade of sleep.

f2e7339829cb9ecbbd8ccddb47446b0aIt is only a feeling…a lightness that lives between my pale skin and the form beneath. At once recalled, at once remembered, relived within the biology of my brain. It is only a feeling…the moment you feel to lean in. And we did. We leaned and pulled and gently came together as the shore meets the familiar waters of the sea. We found out way, searching kisses that led to a comfortable union of curiosity. I know you and I do not. I know you as you crawl along my collarbone to the nape of my neck. I lift my eyes to the heavens and sink into the pleasure of your hand against my hip, your lips traipsing the folds in my frame. You know me as you feel the breath grant permission to yours as it rolls against my ribs, as you gently hold the tiny history within my bones. I do not know what lies beyond those dark eyes, what silences the thought transferred to selfless listening, or what suddenly quickens the steady beat of your heart. You cannot know all that is within me, this universe constantly expanding. We know and we do not. But we seek to know. Knowing the unknown. We seek to listen, and lean in. With words. With breath and soft kisses. With fear and permission and all the humanity we hold within a fingerprint.

It is only a feeling…and in this moment, a gentle tug at the corners of my mouth.


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