An origin


I am here and only here.

Not somewhere in between,

but here

falling into these burning fields,

into the sonic presence of your gaze.

I could not turn away

even if desire took a different name.

For my desire is here and only here.

In the fine fibers of your cap,

in the life force beating beneath my touch.

I am here and only here,

awakened by the feeling of your hand running the length of my body,

my breath tracing your tracks.

I am not a moment ahead

but listening to your streaming invitation.

You are here and only here.

With me as you discover the landscape of my limbs

and listen to the lingering sonnets of my sinew.

Together we fall into the possibilities of a present moment.

We look not forward, we look not back,

only directly across this plane of space,

where the burning fields meet the rolling sea.

The space between is consumed in elemental discourse,

we fill it with the sound of desire, the pounding of pleasure.

We are here,

we are only here,




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