statue1Will you wander with me, my love?

Will you follow these salty eyes through fields and forests, over mountains and meadows, carving across the blue of the sea?

Will you hold my hand when I tremble? And even, perhaps, when I am still? Will you wipe these tears and dry the sweat from my furrowed brow?

Will you allow me to surprise you, to knock you off balance with seam-bursting laughter? Will you laugh with me, smile with me and flirtaticiously hold your coy secrets? Will you dance with me, not one dance but many? Will you travel across shining floors and upon the continents?

Will you take me into dark spaces where we light the corners of the room with our bodies? Will you trace my frame with your gentle touch, with the edges of your lip and the surface of your skin?

Will you shake me in the night? Will you snap my eyes to you as the water begins to boil, and call out my name when I turn my head?

Will you lean on me? Will you rest your burdens in the palm of my hands and open your sorrows to the warmth of this embrace?

Will you mold this clay, imprint our story with your ink? Will you fill in this page with all the words, all the dreams that we shall write upon our world? And still leave room for more…



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